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The result of rigorous scientific research. Wide assortment of powerful hydroxyacid products meeting the needs of all skin types with a wide selection of strengths.

Neostrata Skin Active: Advanced, potent anti-aging regimen that works in all layers of the skin

Neocutis Text
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Product of Swiss technology contains proteins unique to human skin cells for its anti-aging effects of wrinkle reduction and improved skin strength and elasticity.

PCA Skin Care
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Unique scientifically-tested products for targeting specific skin problems such as pigmentation, rosacea, acne.

Pretty Mommies
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Pretty Mommies Photo

New skin care line addresses the skin care needs of mothers while protecting babies from the toxic substances present in many over-the-counter skin care products. Especially good for acne and skin discoloration in the pregnant mom.
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Well-known product which aids in the transformation of aging or discolored skin.
VI Derm
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Simple 2-step program for complete care maintaining healthy skin.

VI Derm Ultra A : Unique blend of tretinoin 0.1%, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Clinicians Complex Bleaching Cream
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Potent 6% hydroquinone blend for stubborn pigment problems.
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Skin-care brushes that use a patented sonic technology for smoother, softer, healthier skin. A L'Oreal product with one year warranty not offered by brushes of lesser quality.

Formula 3
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Treatment for nail fungus with money-back guarantee.

Drs. Remedy
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Nail care. Strengthens and protects nails against fungus, discoloration, and brittleness. Contains no toxic chemicals.
Priti NYC
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Priti NYC Nail Polish
Priti Princess Nail Polish

Nail polishes completely non-toxic and free of the 4 carcinogens commonly found in many nail polishes. Fast-drying, ship-resistant in designer colors. The Priti Princess collection is the first safe polish for little girls available in little "princess" bottles.
Mambino Organics
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Handmade, highest quality botanical products with authentic formulations for babies and their moms.

Elta MD UV Clear 46
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Light-weight, oil-free, calms and protects for those who are sensitive, acne-prone, or have rosacea.
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Latisse Claire Danes