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At Bay Area Laser Skin care, we've seen some remarkable results with Botox. It is no wonder that Botox is the single most common aesthetic procedure performed on men and women in the U.S.. Botox is most often used to soften deep wrinkles in the upper face caused by the muscles of expression, especially those which show concern, anger, and pleasure. Squinting as a matter of habit, or failing to use sunglasses, causes the "crow’s feet". Wrinkling the brow as a matter of habit (the worried or quizzical look) also causes deeper and more permanent grooves in the forehead. Botox use may stop the development of those deep wrinkles and result in some real improvement in those already present. Effects usually last 3-4 months. Studies report that regular Botox use may result in longer effects and continued softening of wrinkles.

Is Botox safe?

Botox is extremely safe and has been used by millions. Side effects are usually mild and transient. For these reasons, Botox now has a number of other medical uses including migraine prevention and treatment of pain due to muscle spasm. Injections are performed using a tiny needle and cause a brief stinging sensation. No recovery time is needed.